Cheryle Evans

Cheryle is a senior-level executive with extensive, progressive clinical research experience and is responsible for the strategic planning and tactile operations in project management, clinical monitoring, site activation, safety and document management. She has led global teams across multiple disciplines, successfully utilizing automation to improve quality and streamline operations. Prior to joining Advanced Clinical in 2013, Cheryle was the VP of Clinical Monitoring, NA, with inVentiv Health Clinical, where she led the optimization of three global strategic units: Global Study Start-Up, Expedited Safety Reporting and Document Management and Publishing. Prior to her tenure with inVentiv Health Clinical, Cheryle was part of a strategic team with Essential CRO, where she supported the transition and growth from a site management organization to a top-five, global, full-service CRO. Cheryle has therapeutic expertise in cardiovascular, urologic, dermatologic and women’s/men’s health clinical trials.

A life-long Chicagoan, Cheryle is a registered nurse in the state of Illinois, with a specialty in critical care nursing, and she attended the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is a published thought leader on implementing risk-based monitoring for midsize pharma, biotech and device companies and a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

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