For a clinical trial to proceed smoothly, meet its milestones on schedule and produce the best results, it is vital that both the research sites conducting the study and the participating patients remain thoroughly involved and engaged, from the study startup to its conclusion. Advanced Clinical has assembled two teams of industry-leading experts to help your next clinical trial achieve these goals: a patient recruitment services team, focused specifically on enrolling, engaging and retaining the right participants for your study, and a site engagement team, dedicated to developing authentic long-term relationships with principal investigators and their site staff.

Clinical Patient Engagement

Find > Attract > Recruit > Engage > Retain

Advanced Clinical develops comprehensive and targeted plans to identify, attract and recruit the ideal patients for each study, enabling you to meet your enrollment goals and conduct your research among a diverse patient population. We deploy a variety of creative strategies to aid clinical trial recruitment, foster patient engagement and ensure patient retention, including:

  • Diversity and inclusion plans
  • Patient focus groups and social listening
  • Creative material development
  • Advertising plans and placement
  • Website development
  • Central response screening
  • Advocacy outreach and messaging
  • Patient apps: text messaging, diaries, games, telemed platforms
  • Grassroots outreach
  • Recruitment and retention management and reporting

Clinical Trial Site Engagement

Research sites are extremely important to the success of your trial. Advanced Clinical recognizes that having site staff fully engaged in a trial can make all the difference in patient enrollment and retention. Our clinical site engagement team understands the challenges sites face — especially in the world shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led the industry to rethink the way trials are conducted through decentralized models. We will work with your team to:

  • Identify the best sites for your study, with the right research experience and access to the right patient population
  • Collect feasibility feedback and incorporate that information into a clinical trial project plan
  • Ensure the startup process is easy and engaging for sites
  • Provide appropriate training and information at the beginning of the trial and throughout the program
  • Support the sites with patient recruitment, engagement and retention services, strategies and collateral
  • Serve as a resource throughout the program for any feedback or requests
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