While decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and hybrid clinical trials have been around for years, they’ve seen a continual increase in popularity and their benefits to study teams, patients and sites.

Experience an End-to-End Decentralized Solution Customized to Your Unique Challenges

Four Key Considerations That Shape Your DCT Strategy:

Trial Dependent Flexibility

Our global team provides guidance on how to apply regional considerations and develop a unique DCT approach based on your study’s protocol, therapeutic area, healthcare environment and cultural norms. Planning for these project-specific considerations upfront will provide more predictable timelines and better risk management for your trial. Flexibility being key, different approaches should be considered trial-by-trial. With no bias, Advanced Clinical will assist you in designing a DCT that best meets your needs vs. providers selling their one technology or one approach to DCT.

Global Feasibility

Prior to designing the protocol in consultation with you, we assist you in planning accurately in accordance with your study goals. Our global feasibility team will help identify DCT challenges and make recommendations after considering the following, dependent on enrollment goals and feasibility requirements:

  • Initial desired countries
  • Standard of care
  • Targeted investigators
  • Healthcare providers
  • Travel requirements
  • Patient safety considerations

Investigative Site Engagement

Engaging sites early on during study design will create buy-in and address any issues upfront, prior to their participation. Training site study teams and helping them embrace new ways of approaching clinical trials is critical to any DCT succeeding. Advanced Clinical teams are experts in working sites in this new approach and ensuring all parties are aligned for success.

Patient and Caregiver Focus

We minimize the burden on the patient and caregiver by leveraging approaches such as direct-to-patient shipments, home nurse visits, virtual sites and local lab options. Offering participation options to patients and their families will open your patient pool and engage diverse populations to improve patient recruitment & retention on each program.