Deerfield, IL (August 3, 2020) – Julie Ross, President of Advanced Clinical, has been recognized by PharmaVOICE magazine as a Red Jacket honoree. This distinguished award acknowledges Ross’ legacy of leadership that inspires collaboration, innovation and transformation within her sphere of influence.

Over the last seven years, Ross has pioneered many far-reaching initiatives that have allowed Advanced Clinical to provide its clients with a better clinical experience, ultimately giving patients hope and improving their quality of life. Motivated by compassion, Ross is not only concerned with business objectives but also fostering a work environment where her team feels empowered and nurtured to drive transformative and meaningful change. In Ross’ view, when employees feel cared for they are better equipped to care for others, be creative and keep real priorities in focus.

Ross explains, “Compassion doesn’t start and end with a trial. It is an action mindset that I believe needs to permeate every facet of our organization. Compassion is contagious and I know without a doubt that when my team is inspired to reach for the impossible, our clients are inspired to do the same and the results we deliver for patients and families across the globe is impressive.”

As a woman, Ross understands how systemic gender and racial imbalances prevent some people from achieving their professional potential. In addition to overcoming such obstacles in her own career, Ross has reduced social disparities in her workplace by creating a level playing field where everyone’s experiences, ideas and contributions are considered and valued. She believes future leaders who strive to do the same will be those who master listening and empathy.

Ross continues, “When leaders are quick to listen and slow to speak, taking the time to fully understand another’s perspective, they are better equipped to respond and lead from a position of compassion, competence and confidence. As a result, employees feel inspired, and invested in the business and motivated to strive for excellence following the leader’s vision.”

The PharmaVOICE Red Jacket is a prestigious annual distinction, established by PharmaVOICE magazine that recognizes inspirational and impactful leaders within the life sciences industry. A sort of “hall of fame” Red Jacket honorees are identified as a result of repeatedly being nominated by their colleagues and peers for the PharmaVOICE 100 year after year.

The July/August special issue of PharmaVOICE magazine is available for viewing online. To learn more about Ross’ leadership and accomplishments, please visit

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