Chicago, IL (May 25, 2023) — Advanced Clinical, a privately held clinical research services organization committed to providing a better clinical experience across the drug development journey, is pleased to announce a biopharmaceutical industry-first collaboration with StuffThatWorks, the first data-driven community platform that uses crowdsourcing and AI to transform patient journeys and health metrics into actionable real world data in an effort to streamline research and bring clinical research closer to patients and caregivers.

StuffThatWorks is home to 3M members world-wide who share their medical history and update on key condition and treatment parameters on an ongoing basis, in standard form across 750 conditions. Data shared by patients now amounts to 1.3M structured data points including location, age, sex, gender identity, age of onset, co-morbidities, clinical indicators, symptoms, aggravating factors, treatments tired, current treatments, to data from wearables and EMR. Genomic data support is now being added. 

The collaboration enables Advanced Clinical and its biopharmaceutical clients to access diverse, geo-located patient populations through the StuffThatWorks for Life Science crowdsourcing solution. The platform will enable Advanced Clinical project teams to communicate directly with patients through surveys or focus group activities, as well as help sponsors better understand disease journeys via the insights gathered through the patient community boards.

Using a simple-to-operate dashboard, the newly released StuffThatWorks for Life Science product will enable Advanced Clinical project teams to easily apply trial inclusion and exclusion criteria such as; a select condition, age group, location, treatment and see de-identified  insights such as patient and investigator location. Project teams can easily interact with select patients for a broad range of services from surveys to focus groups, feasibility studies and awareness campaigns. Advanced Clinical and their clients will benefit from lower and faster turnaround, significantly lower performance-based cost structure and real time reporting. 

“We are used to a world where patient communities and data are two separate things. The ability to engage with select consented patients effectively can dramatically cut down time and increase quality. We are excited to bring this data-powered technology to our clients, not only to help them to see what is most important to specific disease communities, but also for its ability to provide direct access to patients for input on protocol design and feasibility and to promote clinical trial opportunities directly to patients,” said Caroline Redeker, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, Advanced Clinical.

“Our vision has always been to empower patients to play a central role in research and there’s no better way than transforming their experiences into data that can help research organizations better understand conditions, and easily interact and receive feedback from the right groups of patients. A data driven approach will streamline, simplify, improve patient engagement, and make clinical trials more accessible to everyone. The relationship with a global leader such as Advanced Clinical is the ideal starting point,” said Yael Elish Founder and CEO of StuffThatWorks.    

About Advanced Clinical
Advanced Clinical is a clinical development and strategic resourcing organization committed to providing a better clinical experience across the drug development journey. Our goal is to improve the lives of all those touched by clinical research – approaching each opportunity with foresight, character, resilience and innovation. Based on decades of experience, we help our clients achieve better outcomes by conducting candid conversations and anticipating potential issues through our customized solutions. Visit our website to learn more:

About StuffThatWorks
Led by senior founding members of Waze, StuffThatWorks applies machine learning and crowdsourcing to empower people with chronic conditions to transform their experience into an organized knowledge database aimed at discovering which treatments work best. Using subjective information provided by users themselves as well as data from EMRs and wearables, StuffThatWorks has generated the largest Real World Evidence-centric database for chronic conditions. The result is not only a supportive community for members but also a 400,000-page searchable website with patient-driven data on anything relating to chronic conditions, accessible publicly to anyone in the world. StuffThatWorks was founded by Yael Elish and is based in Tel Aviv. Visit: to learn more.

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