Building Your Patient Recruitment Strategy


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As the landscape of patient enrollment in clinical trials evolves, we are continually evaluating trends in new approaches and assessing best-practices for patient recruitment and retention. Moving forward, we’ll be adding to that dialogue here by providing insights from our seasoned team that has been leading patient recruitment efforts for the past two decades. 

Building Your Patient Recruitment Strategy

Patient recruitment has traditionally been viewed solely as advertising, either by individual sites or by implementing centralized, large-scale advertising campaigns.  Advertising is undoubtedly a crucial component of many patient enrollment plans, but when it comes to strategizing patient recruitment initiatives and tactics, one size does not fit allcustomized patient recruitment strategies

Relevant patient recruitment tactics can be selected for a study by isolating already existing pathways that connect the target patient population to the study, and then considering how and when those pathways should be leveraged. Whether or not a specific tactic is or is not the right fit for a trial, a proactive and comprehensive strategic plan for operationalizing a given patient recruitment program is typically necessary to meet patient enrollment deadlines.

At the end of April, our very own Director of Global Feasibility and Patient Recruitment, Donna Hanson, presented on this topic. The Webinar, “How to Determine and Build an Effective Patient Recruitment and Retention Strategy,” addressed:

  • How to assess your study to determine which strategies may be the most appropriate
  • How to support and collaborate with sites to optimize and maximize their enrollment and awareness efforts
  • What types of vendors to approach and how to assess various types of strategies
  • Key tenants of a solid operational approach

View the archived webinar presentation online for more information on how to build an effective patient recruitment strategy. Click Here to View the Full Webinar!

Stay tuned for our next blog topic:  Mobile and Digital Initiatives in Recruitment and Retention Strategies

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